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In treatment, trauma is explored not only as a one-time occurrence or series of historic events, but rather as an emotional experience that imprints on our neurobiology and creates unconscious and subtle changes in our thought processes and behaviors. These subtle alterations create our sense of self and can have profound impacts on our relationships. Trauma is held in the body. The utilization of a body-centered approach is very effective in the treatment and healing of trauma.

Attachment theory explores how our history impacts our present relationships. The therapeutic relationship is utilized to explore relationships that one has in their life. Additional consideration of the various parts that we are comprised of and traditional cognitive behavioral approaches are also employed. All treatment theories utilized are supported by progressive neuroscience, including mindfulness and introspective, self directed approaches.

I work with individual adults, young professionals and LGBTIAQ+. I also have provided supervision for licensure and have provided consultation for the establishment of new outpatient clinics and programs.


Supportive psychedelic integration therapy is a harm reduction approach that empowers an individual to make informed, educated choices about the risks and benefits of utilizing psychedelic substances. It is my belief that, as sacred medicines with important cultural meanings, psychedelic substances will provide for you what it is you are needing, rather than what you may be wanting. This can lead individuals to unexpected experiences where one's unconscious can become conscious, creating unanticipated emotions, sensations and insights. Integration therapy assists in processing these intense experiences, creating meaning and incorporating these teachings into everyday life.

My treatment does not involve providing or prescribing any controlled or illegal substance. I do not encourage the purchase or use of illegal substances and do not conduct sessions while an individual is under the influence of any substance. I do not assist clients in obtaining illegal substances, nor do I assist clients with referrals to "underground" resources.


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